About Evangelos Zisopoulos

Timeless elegance, passion, integrity, of design and uncompromising Old World Artistry is Evangelos. He brings the highest level of skills to each creation using different materials and embellishments. Evangelos approaches the design and development of each church woodcarvings and each piece of furniture by taking in consideration the location of the church, the weather condition of the location, the interior design of the church and the space where the piece is to be placed.

Evangelos takes great pride in personally developing a project from conception to completion. To be able to promote and ensure confidence, all of the pieces Evangelos designs and builds are signed and dated. The European traditions of hand crafted furniture are evident in all his design - Impeccable and intricately mastered.

"Art speaks to our souls in painting, music and Sculpture." Evangelos' furniture design background dates back to generations of family Artisans. After three decades of sharpening his skills, his master pieces and style are uniquely his own. Master and Genius describes Evangelos.

Evangelos's History

Evangelos Zisopoulos Biography: A Greek Artisan Evangelos Zisopoulos was born in 1967 in a small Greek village outside Meteora, Greece. The architectural design of the village played a large role in influencing Evangelos. Meteora is comprised of several magnificent 11th Century Greek Orthodox Churches and Monasteries. His early works were commissions for ornate Byzantine carvings for the Church. Evangelos immigrated to the United States in 1995, where he applied his talents to building one of a kind works of ART.

Evangelos has obtained significant recognition for many of his pieces including building a dining room table in the style of Emile Rhulman. The table was fabricated combining exquisite woods, rosewood and macassar ebony with beautiful hand carved ivory accents. The custom "Harrison Table" is the center piece of the clients dining room, and he has since been commissioned to work on several other pieces including a magnificent “Louvre Chest” for the living room. In addition, one of his more prominent pieces was the building and carving of a beautiful desk for Robert Kennedy JR., he has done many breathtaking pieces.